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Brandon and Elizabeth both made Jesus Lord of their life at the early age of 15. They met while on a missions trip to Haiti in July of 2012. After meeting, it didn’t take them long to discover their love for each other. They became Mr. and Mrs. Burnam on May 31st of 2014.

Their irrevocable love for God, each other, and others bring a dynamic overflow of the love of God to any atmosphere. Brandon and Elizabeth have a heart for others to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in the hopes of seeing people healed and have the understanding of their identity in Christ. God’s love, power, and His prosperity have all been evident in their walk. The ultimate vision that God has placed in their hearts for the generations to come is for all people to be branded by the gospel of Jesus Christ. This in turn birthed BrandLife Ministries.





More about Brandon:

Brandon encountered the love of God in a life altering way and discovered his call into ministry at the age of 15. He immediately got involved in a local church participating in the choir and youth ministry. At the age of 19 he was hired on staff as a Youth Pastor at The Sanctuary Church of God in Douglas, Ga. After serving on staff for a few years, God led Brandon to join Nancy Harmon Ministries. Under Nancy Harmon, Brandon was privileged to travel the country sharing the gospel with people in various places.

While ministering with Nancy Harmon on the Inspiration Television Network, Brandon met Keith and Michele Duncan, founders of Hiscall Ministries. After meeting Keith and Michele, he decided to join their summer internship program. During that summer, he grew in His understanding of leadership and worship.

In January of 2010, Brandon moved to Dallas Texas to continue his biblical studies at Christ For The Nations Bible Institute. Brandon graduated from CFNI in May of 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Practical Ministry. Brandon was later recognized as an ordained minister in April of 2014 by Christ For The Nations.  After graduation, Brandon moved home to Douglas, Ga. to work own staff at Covenant Church under Pastor's Gregory and Jackie Pope. Brandon's main focus during his four years on staff at Covenant Church was the Middle and High School Ministry. Brandon's the co-founder of BrandLife Ministries and currently serves as the President of BrandLife. Brandon is a passionate and dynamic preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is an author, pastor, husband, and most importantly, a worshiper of Jesus Christ!




More about Elizabeth:

Elizabeth encountered Jesus at the age of 15 while sitting in a New Year’s Day service. She encountered a love than was beyond what she could comprehend. From this point on she dedicated her life to Jesus. She was heavily involved in high school activities and the same motivation overflowed into her adult life. She was a collegiate cross country athlete while being involved in many other activities.

She is currently employed as an Admissions Advisor at South Georgia State College where she is able to interact and share the love of God daily in the market place. She is absolutely passionate about empowering women and helping women discover who they are in Jesus. She is a passionate and dynamic communicator and preacher of the Gospel. She is the co-founder of BrandLife Ministries. Elizabeth is an author, mentor, wife and first and foremost a worshiper of Jesus Christ! 


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Pastor's Gregory and Jackie Pope of Covenant Church in Douglas, Ga.

Pastor's Gregory and Jackie Pope of Covenant Church in Douglas, Ga.

Brandon and Elizabeth are a blessing to all the people they know and minister to. The love of Jesus Christ is evident in their lives and is refreshing to all who are around them. They are trustworthy, honest, and very capable ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are blessed by their friendship and are honored to be their Pastors. Their lives are examples of faithfulness to the Body of Christ. Our prayer is for great doors of ministry to continue to open for the message God has placed in their hearts to change the world through BrandLife!


Brandon and Elizabeth have proven themselves as leaders that are willing to invest in others. We have watched them grow, expand and launch into a unique ministry that is impacting lives in relevant ways. Their honesty and humility are true examples of God's love for humanity and desire for change. If you are looking for a sincere approach to ministry, that brings anointed results, we highly recommend BrandLife!

Keith and Michele Duncan  Founders of His Call Ministries

Keith and Michele Duncan

Founders of His Call Ministries

Javaris and April Wright  Global Worship Pastors   

Javaris and April Wright

Global Worship Pastors


Brandon and Elizabeth are a dynamic duo! The call of God is evident in their lives and in their ministry. They stand true to Biblical teaching. Brandon and Elizabeth are genuine in character and operate in the highest integrity. BrandLife will have a global impact as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ around this nation and the world. You will be blessed by their ministry.