The truth is God's word...

"The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." Psalm 119:130, NKJV

In all relationships in our lives, they first and foremost are formed by knowing and learning the nature of someone. In the same sense we get to know the nature of God by spending time in His word. As the Psalmist says in the 119th chapter and the 130th verse that "it is the unfolding of His word that gives light and understanding to the simple." I believe when he refers to the "simple" he is referring to the everyday things we would come in contact with. Like when symptoms of sickness or offense tries to rise up and us having an understanding of who we are and who He is in us.

"That we should know the truth that the truth shall set us free." John 8:32

The truth is God's word. That is tough concept for most to grasp with this "carnal"world that we live in. All of our surroundings tell us something contrary to what the Bible says but that is when faith comes into play. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." (Romans 10:17) According to this verse our faith is activated when we know God's word and know how to apply His word to our situation.

As a young woman getting into ministry I had not yet grasped that concept and true revelation of the importance of guarding our time in God's word. It is so vital to our everyday walk. Yes, I promise you are not alone if you have been in this same situation. Do not beat yourself up because we are all growing! Just as Jesus did in Matthew 4, He was tempted during His 40 days in the wilderness by the devil, and what did He do every time a temptation came? He said, "it is written..." and He applied the Word of God to that situation. This should show us the importance of staying in God's word and knowimg His truth! 

"Therefore go out and make disciples..." Matthew 28:19

Disciple is defined as, "disciplined one." It is crucial that we grasp the importance of continually being in God's word. I understand most of you are thinking, "I can't afford any extra time. My day is already crazy enough." Well I am telling you that you cannot afford not to spend this time with Him daily. I want to challenge you to try and make this a habit daily because it is truly for your benefit and for your success in this life.


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Elizabeth Burnam

Fancy Meeting You Here. XO, EB