Man In The Mirror

"When we educate ourselves on the Word of God we literally bring out something that was already inside of us..."

            How often do you read your bible? Let’s be real now, are you diving in the word like you should be? I know for myself personally, reading my bible was, and still is sometimes, one of the hardest parts of my spiritual walk. It seems like I can never find the time to dive in and educate myself on The Word, and if we’re being honest, even when I know I have the time, I would rather occupy myself with say Netflix, a nice nap, and my biggest time consumer: my phone.

         Hear me out; I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a cell phone or any social media and all that good stuff. I think technology is one of the biggest blessings God’s given our generation. I mean, the potential outreach that we all hold in our hands on the daily is insane, but that is a blog within itself. What I am saying, however, is that our phones are also the biggest potential distractions we hold in our hands on the daily.

       In order to receive what God has for you, you have to be a suitable recipient. This means giving your full attention. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally you’ve got to be available. God gives us His all, so we have to do the same. Put down the mobile and pick up the bible.

                So, man in the mirror. Do you know who is staring back at you when you look into the mirror? Who are you? Whose are you? These are normal questions that even I asked myself. The Lord answered these questions for me a few weeks ago at a worship night my church had with Ricardo Sanchez. I was worshiping at the altar, and I made myself available for receiving.

             The Lord spoke to me and said, “Hey Rob.” God calls me that sometimes, mainly when He’s coming to me as my best friend. I answered, “What’s up dad?” He asked me “Ya know how people are always saying ‘you need to educate yourself on the word of God’?” I was like, “yeah…where you going with this?” “Well, do you remember what the root word of educate is?” “yeah it’s educe, it means to develop.” “Yeah, it also means to bring out something which was already within. When you’re reading my word, my truth, you’re not just finding out more about who I am, but who you are.” “Oh snap, thanks G that makes so much sense.”

            Something cool that God does, is allows us to apply our prior knowledge to our spiritual walk and then suddenly something clicks. Then boom you’ve got yourself a revelation. So the more I thought about what He told me, the more I understood what He was saying. When we educate ourselves on the Word of God we literally bring out something that was already inside of us. We release a supernatural identity that goes beyond what anybody can dictate, especially the enemy.

         See, a lot of the problems we experience today root from us not knowing our identity. Not knowing who we are and whose we are. The bible tells us in Hosea 4:6 that

"His people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."

So educate yourself! Discover who God says you are so you can be who he says you can be and do what he says you can do. Never think that you know yourself better than He does. Psalm 139:13 tells us

"For you formed my inward parts. You covered me in my mother's womb."

He has our hairs numbered for crying out loud.

        If we were to compare the “knowledge” we have about ourselves to His knowledge, then we’re basically clueless. We’re like strangers to ourselves. Dive in and let him reveal all he has for you. Always remember that once you know who you are, you won’t believe who other people say you are.

So man in the mirror, who are you?

Until next time, much love