His "Present" Presence

"As for you, O Lord, You will not restrain Your mercy from me; Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness will ever preserve me." Psalm 40:11

It is in fact the love and mercies of our Daddy God that preserve and sustain us in life and in times of hurt and crisis. It is what keeps us stable if we seek it and find comfort in it. Nothing is ever too late or too far gone for God. He is not only the "resurrection" King but the "restoration" King. Our strength does not come from anything we can do on our own but from the power of the Holy Spirit that resides on the inside of us! The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives on the inside of you. Now that is strength! Draw your vitality from Him today and allow Him to put His super to your natural. Choose today, my friend, to seek Him in your situation. Prayer is a powerful tool! If you can trust Him with your eternity, then you can trust Him with your now.

Fancy Meeting You Here


Elizabeth Burnam

Fancy Meeting You Here. XO, EB