Worry Wart

It's not about the problems, its about His promises....

"The protector [God] of Israel never dozes or sleeps." Psalm 121:4, GNT
Worry, this is so prevalent in today's society. We are told it's "okay to worry because it is part of expressing how you feel." When in reality it does absolutely no good. It does not change the situation, all you do is lose sleep and allow the enemy to come into your mind and distort something that may not even be that bad.
"Worry increases pressure, prayer releases peace."

There was a time when I allowed worry and nerves to rob not only me from fulfilling deep rooted and so called "far fetched" dreams that God had planned for me but robbing others from what God wanted to do through me for them.

My whole life God has opened up doors for me to be in front of people, little did I know this would benefit me and create a cornucopia of gifts that would one day, in His perfect timing, He would use for His glory. I had an opportunity to sing at a service one Sunday, deep down it was a dream of mine to lead others in worship but felt I was not qualified or good enough to do it, BUT GOD had something so sweet under His sleeve.

When I was approached with the opportunity my flesh immediately said, "Gosh no! Who are you to think your voice is good enough or that you are even anointed enough?" and that was when that still-small-voice spoke to my spirit and said, "You can either submit to open doors that I have created for you to fulfill dreams and desires or you can continue to remain in fear and worry that you'll never be good enough when I have made you more than a conqueror." So I rose up in boldness and walked through that open door like a boss! [Haha]

If I had not denied my carnal thinking and worry of my flesh failing, I would have robbed myself of not only conquering a fear but I would have robbed the hearts that God touched through my obedience.

"Worry, fear and anxiousness are fleshly reminders of us being unable to bring the anointing apart from God showing up."

Because, He brings the grace and anointing to situations. Whether it be in relationships, your children, your marriage, your work place, etc. Letting go does not mean you do not care, it just means you are trusting Him and releasing what was never meant to be yours to worry over.

My friend, it is time to stop having sleepless nights and allowing the enemy to rob you of what is part of your covenant as a child of God and that is peace and sweet rest. Yes, sleep, I repeat sleep is part of our Covenant with God. Our sweet Daddy God stays awake so that you can dream. Release the situation that is in your hands so that God can bring increase to the situation.

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Elizabeth Burnam

Fancy Meeting You Here. XO, EB