Emotional Ruling

You would think I would have had an "Ah hah," spiritual moment by this point...

"Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city." Proverbs 16:32, ESV

Wow, oh wow! Have I personally been tested in this area of not allowing my emotions to rule... and completely flunking with flying colors. Actually, just tonight. This is the first season of my life where I have worked a 40 hour work week, youth ministry with my amazing husband, trying to have some consistency with BRANDlife, while being a wife. Though a lot of you are probably thinking,

"She has no idea what long hours of anything are with "all of that," well this is my first time in this season, so bare with me. Tonight was like a normal Tuesday night, I got home around 6:15, my husband had started dinner and we were going to eat.

Earlier today we realized that our Christmas tree that we just bought needed to be chopped off at the end because it would prematurely die due to there being no exposed "new wood." In-turn, all of the ornaments had to be put back on, the tree skirt was dusty, and the gifts I had so neatly wrapped had to be pushed to the side. Needless to say, I was frustrated. Not at anyone but the fact that I had to redo something I was already so proud of.

Immediately, the "tude" came. I started just throwing the ornaments back up there, felt my face get hot and just acted well ridiculous. Because, lets be real and raw. So, after proceeding to put things back together, the "tude" continued. And on top of that I had to edit a couple more pictures from a birthday party I had photographed and the camera battery just up and decides to die on me.

What a disaster...

So, I started just stomping around like a mad little girl. Tussling through my camera bag trying to figure out a solution because I apparently was over looking everything. The only thing I could find was a camera battery car charger. I run outside, shove it in the outlet and proceed to go back inside.

"You would have thought I would have had that "AH HAH!" spititual awakening moment by this point, but of course that isn't the case..."

As I enter the house, I go into the living room and Brandon, my husband, says "Baby, I've never seen you get so worked up about something so little. You can't let that steal your joy." And of course in the back of my mind I am thinking "I've heard this and told that to so many people so many times... I know this."

As I laid there in the little pitty party, I get up, grab the battery out of the truck and install it into the camera, it doesn't work. As I feel those frustrating emotions start to boil up to where I just want to scream by this point, I turn the "car charger" around and it had a place to plug it into the wall and.... I laughed.

My friend, isn't it so funny in this life, that when our emotions become a bit of a "ruling" over us that we seem to miss the simple most logical answer? And it is the same thing with God! As we allow worry, stress, emotions, anger, etc. to rule us over what God is trying to show us, WE CAN MISS THE SIMPLE ANSWER HE HAS FOR US! The quick fix, the reservoir to our case.

Beloved, be encouraged that God has your simple answer awaiting you, He is just waiting for our cloud of emotions to no longer fog our greater judgement that He has given us.


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Elizabeth Burnam

Fancy Meeting You Here. XO, EB