Continuous Christmas

I would often wonder what was so special about “the baby Jesus” in the manger. I later found out when I encountered Him in a life altering way at the age of fifteen. Since that encounter, there hasn't...

How would you like to enjoy Christmas every day of the year? I believe it is possible if we all lived to give gifts, time, and thanks every day of our lives.

1) Give Gifts

Love is expressed through giving. We look to God for our example of how to live and God who is Love, expressed His love for us by giving up His son to die on a cross so we could have eternal life. Our love for others is expressed in the same manner; through giving.

 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16. 

God doesn’t express His love for us once a year but gives good and perfect gifts to us daily (Psalm 68:19). Christmas is an exciting time for everyone because we get the opportunity to give and receive gifts. Expectancy for good things to happen is always high during this time of the year because of the gifts and Joy is always the fruit of giving. What if we made it a point to give gifts not just on Christmas but everyday of the year. Imagine what life would be like if we treated everyday like Christmas.

Imagine the joy everyone would experience on a daily basis. As creatures of love, we should live to give. We should live everyday with open hearts and open hands. We should see ourselves as a blessing going somewhere to happen. I want to challenge you to let the Spirit of Christmas, which is the Spirit of Jesus, live inside of your heart every day of the year. When you do this you will experience joy like never before.

2) Give Time

During the Christmas holidays we tend to take a break from work to spend much needed quality time with our families. As a child, I longed for attention from my parents. I desired their time more than the most expensive gift they could have ever bought me. Quality time, in my opinion, is the best gift a parent could ever give their child. Jesus lived to give and His time was a gift He consistently gave to those He loved.

Time is a precious commodity. It is very valuable. Time can only be spent once. How are you utilizing the time you have in the one life you have been given? What would your family be like if you spent time with them all year long like you do during the Christmas Holidays. Think about how strong your relationship would be with your spouse. Think about the impact it would make on your children.

I want to challenge you to invest time into your family all year long like you do during the Christmas holidays. Your family is a gift God has given you. The more time you invest into it the stronger it will become. Give your time and enjoy the amazing family God has blessed you with.

3) Give Thanks

Many people who don’t acknowledge Jesus throughout the year think of Him during Christmas. The manger scenes, Christmas lights, and Christmas music direct people’s focus to the birth of the savior of the world. Growing up as a child my mom did her best to carry my sister and I to church as often as possible. Jesus would rarely come up in my thoughts or conversations. But every Christmas I would think of Him often as I saw the manger scene on my mother’s mantle, in people’s yards, and in local stores.

I would often wonder what was so special about “the baby Jesus” in the manger. I later found out when I encountered Him in a life altering way at the age of fifteen. Since that encounter, there hasn't been a minute that has gone by without Jesus crossing my mind and heart. What if people acknowledged Jesus everyday of their life like they did during Christmas. What if families read His story and sung His songs every night before bed. What if stores left the manager scene replicas out on the shelves all year long. What if radio stations played worship songs like “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World” throughout the entire year. I wonder what kind of effect this would make on the world.

I want to challenge you to acknowledge Jesus and give Him thanks everyday of your life. He is so deserving of your praise. The psalmist understood the importance of continual praise as he wrote,

 “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord” Psalm 34:1.

May your soul make a boast in the Lord everyday of your life. May we all live every day lifting up our praise to Jesus. If we will do this revival will break out in every heart around the world and people as I did, will encounter a loving savior and be compelled to put their faith in Him, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas, Brandon Burnam